Have you ever thought of tailoring your gift giving to the person you’re shopping for’s zodiac sign? I’ve got zodiac gift ideas for you and let me tell you- using astrology can be a great way to zero in on a gift they will truly love! That’s why I’ve created a personalized snapshot of each zodiac sign and the kind of gifts that might appeal to them!

This list will appeal to both sun signs and rising signs of your loved ones so if you know a bit more about their astrology you can look at two different categories and see which ideas feel best for this occasion.

Aries – Aries can be challenging to buy gifts for because if they want something they usually get it for themselves, they’re very take charge people. That said, when it comes to gifts Aries will like either luxurious and hard to find gifts, or fun and easy to consume and use right away (like snacks, headbands, gift cards, etc.).

Taurus – I’ve never met a Taurus who didn’t like a gift that had to do with their hobbies- so zero in on their favorite things and get them something connected to that. Think coffee table books, how to guides, art work that represents the interest- these are hits! The more cute and specific, even charming, this can be the better!

Gemini – Curious and creative Geminis absolutely love sharing their ideas and being able to write them down- so if you can find them a really cool pen, notebook, sketchpad, or even a cool box they can use to store some of their favorite past journals, etc. They likely have some of these so find beautiful or creative spins on these for better success!

Cancer – Moon ruled Cancers love anything to do with their homes- so gifts that help them cultivate a cozy homey environment they can enjoy (or even consume) are fantastic! It’s easy to be generic with these kinds of gifts, so try to stay more meaningful and sincere. Picture exactly how they will use this product and how it will add to their home environment or day to day coziness.

Leo – These sunny personalities love gifts, especially romantic or whimsical gifts! They appreciate the personal touches like the gift being delivered accompanied with a playlist made just for them, or a gift that was custom made just for them. They do love to stand out, so if you’re looking to get them something they can wear – just remember they love to shine so get them something everyone will compliment them on!

Virgo – Virgos are very picky so the best thing you can do for a virgo is ask them! They are not the kind of people that love the surprise of your gift, and if it doesn’t fit into their current landscape of what they’re into, enjoying, or working on then they may not know what to do with it. If you must surprise them, these are great people to share gift cards with or tiny items that don’t take up a ton of space.

Libra – Ruled by Venus, Libras love beauty! Think: art work, stunning design details, jewelry, unique pretty detailed clothing or shoes, or anything that’s just cool, Libras will love! Libras also love being swept away in grand gestures so a romantic date night with details like flowers, dinner with appetizers and fancy drinks- think layers to the presents or to the day you’re giving them.

Scorpio – Give a Scorpio a sentimental gift! Many scorpios have collections of some kind that are meaningful to them, so finding a unique find to add to their collection is a perfect gift! Maybe they love vinyl records, pokemon cards, disney memorabilia, crystals, instruments, etc. Be sure to tell them why you thought of them when you picked it out, because they appreciate the intention that goes into things.

Sagittarius – Sag placements desire experiences and gifts that have a story connected to them. Take them to a performance, game, or event, or bring them to a cool new spot in town for a dinner! And if your gift can’t be an experience, find a cool gift while out at an event or while you’re traveling so it has that really awesome story attached to it.

Capricorn – Capricorns love and appreciate gifts that bring smile to their face. Search for uncommon and funny gifts that can bring an ere of lightness to their day. These people often work very hard, so they all appreciate anything that honors that or gives them a break like a massage or body work session.

Aquarius – Aquariuses are the kinds of people who love surprises and unique gifts like gifts that have hidden gifts within them like candles that melt to reveal a surprise, or any kind of mystery kit. Another way to surprise them is by choosing a gift or company that is giving back to the world or an organization that has a meaningful cause to them- they will LOVE this touch.

Pisces – Pisces are so imaginative that they love gifts that allow them to escape into their imagination. Thing a fun lego set, fanciful puzzle, new fantasy series, video game, or even coloring book. They may also love to dress up so a fun addition to a favorite costume theme they love could be cool for them too!

There you have it! Zodiac gift ideas for each and every sign! But honestly- one thing ALL signs have in common is the gift of knowing themselves on a new level and being seen- so if you want to really get them something meaningful, get them the gift of an astrology reading! You can purchase a session for them with me straight from my website, and I can happily create you a digital gift card to bring out or share with them when you’re ready to present it to them!

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