Working With The New Moon

I’m assuming you’re here because somewhere along the way you heard that during the New Moon it’s a powerful time for you to do something. But what exactly? Intention setting? Manifestations? Maybe you’ve tried this in the past, and now you’re ready for more.

Energetically the New Moon carries a lot of forward momentum with it, and the dark sky marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle! I love this because it’s one of nature’s natural time keepers, especially with goal setting! Each lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days, which is a perfect amount of time to set intentions you can focus on, and watch your life transform.

And after years of working with the moon cycle myself, the biggest thing I want you to know is you won’t necessarily feel the same way each new moon- and that’s okay! A big part of our growth is self-awareness, understanding how to balance yin and yang energy present in our own lives, and working with it instead of against it.

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Why Is The New Moon a Powerful Time for Intention Setting?

For thousands of years people have been using the dark moon to mark the beginning of the lunar cycle. As the moon disappears from the sky, so may we retreat within ourselves and use the darkness to explore our hearts and minds. The thoughts and ideas born from these musings become seeds in the soil that will continue to grow as we work with them.

This is why the new moon is such an incredible time for manifestation- because if we give ourselves a real opportunity to go in ward and get clear, there will be a natural reward of our effort.

There is no one size fits all ritual, or spell to create that will fix everything you’re working to solve or accomplish in your life. It truly is up to you to learn this power for yourself, and to learn how to use it no matter you find yourself when the sky goes dark.

This is so important because right now you might be raring to go, so ready to manifest your dreams, and to create huge waves of transformation in your life, but what happens in a few months from now, what if you find yourself feeling kind of low energy, stuck, or lost. Will you have the ability to understand how to use the new moon then too? You can, and I will help you understand how.

Consistency is key to any kind of growth work we want in our lives, so think long term when you start to get into lunar rituals! This is why I think you need several go to different kinds of rituals to find during the new moon! (If you need more info on what ritual means, check out my piece on what’s a ritual anyway?)

I recommend choosing one of four different rituals to embrace during the new moon phase so that you can work with new moon energy and begin to cultivate a new beginning at each dark sky. And to make it simple, I put together an entire New Moon guide that’s just perfect to really begin to understand the energy of working with this part of the lunary cycle. I give you four rituals complete with instructions that you can explore in any order that serves you in your life- and I’ll share lots of ideas on what yin or yang energy can look like during the dark moon.

I’m so excited that you’re also interested in working with the moon! Each moon is going to bring new things in your life, and if you want an extra layer I highly recommend taking note of where the moon is astrologically (it will always be the same as where the sun is at during the new moon). You can also check out my FREE guide each month that dives more into what’s happening astrologically with the moon, so you can have theme inspiration for your intention setting.

I am sure you will fall in love with working with the new moon and her power to help you manifest your inner most desires, or even to begin to get in touch with what that may be for you.

It is natural for us as humans to look into the sky for inspiration and connection. We have for thousands of years. Each of us has that place inside of them that longs for me- whether it’s to be a more patient partner, to bring more security into your life, to create a new opportunity for yourself, etc. Uniting your goals with the new moon is a powerful way to speed up the process, and to work with intention as you create.

I would love to continue to inspire you with more information on this practice with my ease to understand approach so that you can deepen your own process. You can tune into our podcast each week

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