Most people, whether they like to admit it or not, want to know more about astrology. They may not go read a book or article about it, look up their natal chart on their own, or even pay for a reading- but if we’re talking about it, their ears are perking up and they’re in the conversation.

I think it matters to people for all kinds of reasons: curiosity, wanting to know more about themselves, and desiring to be seen! I also believe it has to do with the ancient tradition of astrology, like it’s in our generational imprint! And, perhaps it’s because it has to do with the greater unknown of our physical Nature and Universe. There’s something about it that seems to intuitively make sense to us, even if we don’t understand it.

And like it or not, astrology is becoming a HUGE topic of conversation, and more than that- I believe that astrology is one of the best self development tools you can invest in.

Why Astrology Is The Best Self Development Tool

Astrology will help you understand yourself in ways you’ve never been able to put words, or even thought to, before. Learning about yourself will help you to feel it’s not only okay to be yourself, but that some of the things that you just never understood about yourself- are actually just the manifestations of the stars on your way of being.

Take my sister for example. As long as I’ve known her she’s been obsessed with timing and making plans. I want to plan this for my birthday. When time will we do dinner this weekend. When can we go see this movie. When will you be home. What should we do after we get home from school. If I take this class as this time, then I could do this class at this time.

Yes, this sounds normal enough (and it is) but for me… someone who is much more go with the flow, let’s see how I feel about it and then decide in the moment- it would drive me crazy!

Until I looked at her natal chart and realized she has 5 planets in earth element signs, including a grand trine! Which basically means… her earth element is important in who she is. She’s a natural planner. In order for her to be her best self, structure helps her manifest new ideas. It’s how she works.

I use this as an example of how something so simple becomes such a powerful knowing. And that’s just on the surface level- it continues to go deeper and deeper.

The Power Of Your Natal Chart

In astrology not only do the signs have meaning, but so does each planet. The combinations of each create a whole new meaning too. Then you add in all the mathematics of where they all are around the earth (a system called houses), along with the mathematics around how close or far away they are from each other: how they relate, connect, or oppose each other (called aspects), and suddenly you have this very complex map that you can navigate as you grow through life.

(Now there’s a whole other element of looking at the transits, which have to do with where the planets/celestial bodies are right now in real time, and how they relate to where they were in your natal chart- but for now I’m just discussing the power of understanding your “map.”)

What I love about astrology is that you have access to your map (natal chart) for free at any moment you want it. There’s so many websites that will show you where the planets were when you were born, down to the degrees, the elements, the aspects, everything! You can start learning right away, and I usually tell people- start with just one thing you see, and research it. Let that lead you to the next thing. Then the next thing. You don’t have to be in a hurry.

Why You Should Invest in An Astrology Reading

However, if you want to *Treat Yourself* I highly recommend consulting with an astrologer (like me- haha), who can show you the map in a way that will help you understand what’s most important at this point in your life. This may feel like an investment you don’t usually make (or maybe you do!), but it can be one that continues to pay off for year and years to come.

Astrology readings are a wonderful tool for moments of transition or stuckness in your life- whether you’re a recent graduate, or haven’t recovered from the global pandemic, if you’re struggling in a job/relationship, or any area of your life that a similar theme keeps popping up, or perhaps you’re celebrating a huge milestone and are in a place of a new (exciting) unknown. Basically: if there’s a question inside you of of What’s next? or What else?, then I highly recommend taking the time to have a consultation.

Any time you’re craving a little help- perhaps a need you can’t quite put your finger on it- that’s when it’s time to consult an astrologer.


And you should know that…. We could sit and talk about your natal chart for the rest of our lives! It’s not that you’ll have to come back on a regular basis, it’s just there’s so much there- and also only so much that your heart/mind/soul can process at one time.

So astrology is like an ever blossoming gift, always there for you- to help you know that:

  • You’re not alone- even the most challenging things you’re facing, even the parts of yourself that feel most inaccessible or hard to put into words- it’s probably right there in your map.
  • We all have things we are aspiring toward in this life, and the familiar comfortable places we go to when we’re stressed, anxious, or hurting.
  • Who you are is important and special- and even if someone else has the exact same map as you, it doesn’t mean it would be the same story because the impression the stars have on you has also do with your soul. It’s unique.

There’s no shame in wanting to know more about yourself, or to get a different perspective on yourself that you may never never considered. In fact, it might be exactly what you’re needing.

If you would like to have me chat with you about your beautiful natal chart/map, I would love to work with you! Check out my recommended offerings here below. Book yours today, or give it as a gift!

Intro to your Chart Elements

This is a 30 minute session that is perfect as an introduction and if you’re curious to learn more. It will help you start to understand yourself, feel seen, get the wheels turning in your mind, and meant to leave you with enough that you’re not overwhelmed with too much new information.

Natal Chart Discovery Session

This is a 60 minute session where we get to spend a little more time and go into some of the deeper layers of your natal chart. This can be done at any point from a first timer, or someone who’s wanting a fresh perspective on the current time or theme in your life.

Check out The A Bit From Within Podcast, where you can catch up every week with Felicia! Each episode includes a little astrological insight, a card drawing, and a sharing of a little bit of truth from within.



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