This week on the podcast I ask a question that I, as usual, do not have an answer for. That question is, what happened when we believe in ourselves? 

I ask this because as I’ve been reflecting on what I began creating into 2020 and spend time reckoning with my growing intentions for 2021, I find myself performing this intricate dance between dreaming beautiful dreams that I desire with my whole heart and the bubble of fear in my heart whispering, ‘could that ever really happen?’ 

This is the dilemma for every one of us. We are all amazingly powerful beings. Most of of us have had personal stories of manifestation where we needed something to come true and voila- there was a solution or a gift. We’ve heard stories of those who are rooted in laws of attraction- and many are dismissed by those who can’t wrap their heads around the possibility that we can truly change our frequency to receive what we are in tune with. 

As I’ve been dancing this dance between dreams and belief, I’ve had this word that continually pops into my head. TRUST. 

Thus, Trust, and Faith, have become the words that are anchoring me and the titles of my chosen lessons for the new year ahead. 

What is Trust? According to Merriam-Webster it is, 1 : firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something, 2 : a person or thing in which confidence is placed, 3 : confident hope. 

What is Faith? Taken from Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.” 

Similar to trust yet also different. Faith is trust without evidence; belief without proof. Trust depends on outcome and result. Faith can be a gateway to trust, and trust can deepen faith in something. 

All of these things seem tangible when we address them with our minds, but when it comes to our hearts and even our physiological body that’s where the dance can begin. All of our life experiences where we hoped and were disappointed come in. All of the pains of others when we’ve heard their stories of pain, failure, and sadness- we’ve taken on to protect ourselves. All of the experience the generations before us have encountered- imprinted through our DNA into our beliefs of what is possible in our lives. We have been training for years to live within our limited beliefs- or we try to break through them. 

I feel as though I have knocked down walls of limited beliefs: 

  • Running my own business
  • Being Self Employed
  • Being a yoga teacher
  • Starting a 2nd business
  • Starting a podcast 

But I still have limited beliefs surrounding how fast I can grow, if I’m lovable enough to be married to, if I am desirable to watch on video like via instagram stories, tiktok, reels, etc, if I’m publishable, if I could appeal to a nationwide audience, if I have enough training, if I’m interesting enough, if I could ever be skinny, if I can follow a budget, if I can have more than one dog, if we can afford x, y, z. 

Fear is sooo DAMN LOUD. But the inner voice of faith, resilience, belief- that’s a quiet voice for me. It’s a sure voice. It is powerful. But it takes space for fear to quiet down.

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