Understanding your moon sign can lead to a significant change how you see yourself and navigate the world. For years, many of us learned what our sun sign was thanks to the rise in publishing horoscopes since the 1930s. With the 12 simple ranges that showed where the sun was when you were born, it was easy to know what your sign was an to ask others theirs.

Our sun sign only defines a specific part of ourselves: how our ego and vitality is expressed and how we move through the world externally. But as with everything, there’s duality in everything: night and day, hot and cold, up and down, and with the sun and moon.

What The Moon Symbolizes Astrologically

You can begin to understand the moon’s role by contrasting it to the sun. If the sun represents our external vitality, then the moon presents our internal world. Instead of indicating what makes us come alive it, it sheds light onto what’s happening inside of us- typically in the deepest parts of ourselves.

Understanding your moon sign leads to a deeper understanding of your heart, so when it comes to topics like:

  • What are the things you need to feel safe?
  • What are real truths inside of yourself that other people don’t see about you but that you feel deep inside?
  • What creates your true comfort zone?

Looking at your moon sign is truly where to begin.

SWhen you begin to honor what’s happening on a deeper level inside of yourself, especially your heart space, you start to take care of yourself in a new way.

Instead of appealing to the conscious part of yourself, you start taking care of your unconscious needs and desires- which have often been overlooked and neglected.

I had this experience in my own life- for many years I was living our the astrological position of my sun in the 10th house by focusing all of my time and effort on my career and taking care of others.

While I enjoyed this very much, I wasn’t honoring the part of myself that needs security and stability. I had so many unacknowledged needs inside that I was neglecting, thus my self care efforts felt futile no matter how hard I was trying to take care of myself.

Where To Begin with Understanding your Moon Sign?

If this is rather new to you, start with simply knowing what your moon sign is. You do need to know your exact time of birth because the moon moves very quickly through the zodiac, changing signs every couple days, so if you can take a peek at your birth certificate for this I highly recommend that for accuracy. I’ve linked a short video above where I walk you through exactly how to find what your moon sign is.

Next, take a several months to do some reading and research on the qualities of the zodiac sign your moon sign is in, especially if astrology is new to you. Start gathering the information with the intent to create a deeper understanding, and instead of labelling yourself as the sign, start asking yourself how YOU connect to those qualities.

This step cannot be overstated because so often we are looking for quick answers, and unfortunately that’s not how this works.

Like understanding anything important in our lives, you’ll find this takes time. Once you feel you have a thorough understanding of the sign, begin to research how the sign is expressed when the moon is in that sign. And then slowly begin to appeal to that zodiac sign in the quiet moments of your life, and in categories of unmet needs or lack of expression of that sign in your life.

If you want to fast track this process, you can chat with any professional astrologer who can cut straight to the heart of the issue and help reveal so much more to you about the placement of the moon in your chart. As a self care specialist and certified astrologer myself, my specialty is in helping you improve your self care routine and habits through astrology understanding and inspiration, so please feel free to book an astrology reading with me.

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