Understanding This Month’s Full Moon

As I’m writing this we’re approaching a full moon in scorpio. That means we’re in Taurus season, and here’s our opportunity to take a look a the polarity between two opposing signs and how it relates to us personally.

I’ve heard people say “I don’t connect with my horoscope so astrology isn’t a real thing.” And while I know astrology isn’t for everyone, I do believe that there is so much more to understanding the role of astrology in our lives than merely connecting to one description of our sun sign.

In fact, just for a moment, throw everything you know about your own astrological signs out the window. Let’s instead simply look at the full moon. A full moon appears in the sky when it moves directly across from the sun. If we lay what’s happening astronomically onto an astrological chart we can see that whatever sign the sun is in, the full moon is always exactly opposite of that.

So using the chart here you can see that since the sun in is Taurus right now at the end of April, then across you’ll find Scorpio. So what does this mean for you?

Regardless of what time of year you were born, you have both Taurus and Scorpio somewhere in your natal chart. Maybe they play strong roles in your life because many planets were in those signs when you were born, or perhaps they don’t play as prominent a role because most of your astrological story is being played out through other signs. No matter what though, I have seen from studying astrology through this lunar lens that every month we do see the energy of each sign played out in nature.

Think of the sign of Taurus known for: stability, stubbornness, dependability, working hard, and materialism. As Spring begins to awake it takes a singular focus like Taurus to put roots down and find something from which to grow from. We can all relate to that need in our own life stories from time to time, especially when we’re aiming to create something new in our lives.

It is Taurus season from late April through late May- a perfect time of year for us to clean out any of the “stuff” in our way (i.e. Spring Cleaning) and begin to cultivate the environment we want to be in, grow in, and play in for the coming months ahead.

Now Scorpio on the other hand, the sign the moon passes through at its fullest this time of year is a sign that will always be Taurus’s counterpart. And while these two seem very different from the surface- they both understand desire. In fact the meaning of desire transforms into our more known use of the word desire with Scorpio. Like I desire connection, I desire touch, I desire understanding of the mysteries of life, etc. But desire is still a strong part of Taurus with the desire to have things that make it feel stable, secure, and protected.

So as we head into the heart of Taurus season, and we have this beautiful April pink moon in the sign of Scorpio- ask yourself what it is that you’ve been desiring. What do you desire? What honest feelings come up for you when you think of these things? Is it fear of not receiving it? Frustration that it seems far away? Excitement? Wanting to move past the work to get there just to have it? Whatever it is- acknowledge it and the role that wanting plays in your life. So often we’re taught that desire is bad- but it’s not at all. It’s an important part of human nature.

And if this really resonates with you- check out the specific guide I’ve created for this month’s full moon that also provides a practical and intention ritual to enjoy, and a creative way to reflect back on the month you just had.



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