When you’re lost, it’s normal to look for signs of the path forward- this is true whether you’re physically lost and true when you’re feeling lost in your life as well. But how do you know? How does the Divine communicate through us? Here are a important things that I consider to be signs from the Universe:

Losing or Finding Things

Often times losing things causes ample amounts of frustration, and the ironic part is no matter what else we have going on- we feel obligated to set aside time to actually focus on retracing our steps and looking everywhere we can to find the missing item. In contrast, when we find something that’s been lost there is a tremendous amount of relief and joy that floods us energetically!

These are signs from the Universe, trying to tell us something. It’s usually not a literal message that has to do with our missing keys, etc. but rather the things going on in our own energy field and life in conjunction to the things coming and going.

What could happen if, instead of ripping apart the house to find the lost item, you dedicated 5 minutes to meditate? You may not immediately find the lost item, but perhaps an important revelation comes instead. Maybe that 5 minutes of peace and mind steadiness is exactly what you truly needed to save you more frustration, or to direct your awareness to something else you may have missed.

Similarly, when you find something that’s been missing, especially if it’s days, weeks, months, or even years after it went missing- stop and pay close attention to the things going on right now. It may be the Universe’s sign to you that something is falling into place. It’s your “yes” answer that you didn’t know you needed.

(And yes, if you’re wondering if things go missing sometimes just so we can have that future YES when we need it, I do believe this is exactly what happens sometimes!)

Things Breaking or Shattering

Moments when items break or shatter, are usually signs from the Universe. Of course accidents happen, but similar to losing things, I believe that when things break it’s to give you a moment to redirect your focus.

I believe things break to draw your attention either towards or away from something specific- so you have to tap into your own intuition and awareness to figure out what the Universe is trying to communicate with you.

And truly- if you have 2 or more things break in the same short time period- this is an extra sign from the Universe. In my own life experience this often happens to remind me of the same lesson of letting go of control and surrendering to the transformation/change that’s happening in my life- but you might have a different lesson during these times, so simply invite awareness in.

Serendipity & Synchronicity

When things fall into place in a way that’s better than you could have imagined, that’s definitely a sign from the Universe. This could be something simple like finding a parking spot right at the front of the store, or a last minute opening for an appointment you desperately needed.

Things that catch your eye fall into this category like repeating numbers, or your favorite numbers out on the wold like on a bill or on the clock. Synchronicity can also show up as hearing the same recommendation multiple times from different sources, especially if it happens 3 or more times.

I also consider deja vu in this category because similar to the other signs from the Universe- there’s nothing like a random experience of deja vu to make you hyper aware of what’s happening in the moment.

Putting It All Together

The challenging part of receiving signs from the Universe is understanding what you’re being told. This is a skill that you can develop with dedication and patience. So here’s a few important things to remember:

1) Signs are rarely literal so as you develop your skill and communication with your spirit guides or the Divine, take time every single day to keep track of things that feel like signs from the universe, along with everything else going on in your life at the moment. Later if you connect the dots, go back and connect them in your journalling.

2) Mark your thoughts at the beginning and end of each day! When you first wake up, instead of scrolling on your phone, instead start writing from your heart. You may not having anything important to say at the beginning, but as the thoughts start coming important information will flow to you too. Same thing at the end of the day- start dumping your thoughts and sorting through what’s important, what’s not, and what questions you have. The connections will come.

3) Trust yourself! This is MOST important because only you were meant to interpret the signs the Universe is putting in front of you. That’s why you can’t just look up “what does it mean to break a bowl” and have that interpretation mean something to you. Same with seeing a specific animal. Don’t depend on others to tell you what it means, you have to go inward to connect the dots for yourself because it’s all very personal.

I share more on this topic on this week’s episode of The A Bit From Within podcast, a weekly podcast for big hearted people navigating their way through the wellness space as we all seek to improve ourselves and our lives. You can listen below, on Apple podcasts, or search A Bit From Within with Felicia Marti wherever you listen to podcasts!



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