Whenever I find myself in a fight with my partner, I often come back to this knowing that even though what he and I are both arguing- no matter how different our points are- can be true at the same time. So often we’ve been told to believe that only 1 thing can be right, that life is black and white, but it’s not really that way. More often than not, we are dealing with all shades of gray and the full color spectrum.

As I write this we’re in the first days of February, and I’ve heard this collective rumble around how crappy of a month January was. Whether it’s because of health/sickness, covid issues, rescheduling, momentum being challenged, or just this heavy weight over so many of us- it wasn’t really what many of us wanted nor expected. We often want this green light energy when we set new goals and dreams- we want everything to fall into place, or we can easily get discouraged.

But that’s another area where this phrase can just really refocus us: two things can be true at the same time. You can have awesome goals and dreams that you’re striving toward, and be navigating through the bumps along the way. You can have a lot of things going right, and have a pile of things that are a mess. You can be feeling super creative, and be feeling tired/low energy.

What we have to do with our two truth is OWN them both, and find a way to live with each reality.

I can only speak to this from my own experience, so I’ll share what I’ve been dealing with recently. Over the last 8 years I’ve run a wedding photography business, and this business was truly the only path I saw for myself as I pictured the future. Then I was reminded that I am allowed to change my mind about what I do in my life- and I started to picture a different future. Now I’m between both worlds- a world where I love wedding photography, my clients, my team and what I do, and one where I am preparing to say goodbye to the way I’ve known that path, and get onto a new one.

The best way I’ve been able to manage this very unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable place is to remember I’m allowed to feel both. They’re both important to my process!

I’m sure you can think of things like this in your life right as you read this. Where are the places in your world where you feel two things are true at the same time? Even if they somewhat contradict each other?

This is your reminder that you can grow, change your mind, and be a little bit messy- and still be an amazing and worthwhile person.

Please check out the accompanying podcast episode where I expect on this subject and so much more as I share a bit from within.



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