Everyone talks about turning surviving into thriving, but I think it’s a little more practical to talk about striving versus thriving. We must start where we want to end: thriving.

What comes to mind for you when you imagine yourself thriving? I think for most of us we picture something totally different from our every day life. Maybe you see riches in your bank account, sitting on a sandy beach, more free time than time spent working, etc. Now I don’t mean to be a party crasher but realistically- that isn’t the life that most of us are going to manifest our way into- at least not all the time.

The truth is we don’t need to be sitting in a vacation vibe with millions of dollars to be happy OR thriving. I believe that thriving comes down to us aligning our true selves and our values with how we spend our time each day: our daily striving.

What Is Striving?

As a business owner, I sure know a lot about striving. And not just the kind of striving where you’re putting in great effort to get a great reward, but the kind of striving where life feels like a struggle; fighting to get by. The kind of striving that feels a lot like being in survival mode.

So in many ways striving and surviving feel similar. But great effort in striving is something we have to become comfortable with and learn how to manage if we want to be successful.

We have to put in a great amount of our energy and effort forward to be successful. It’s required to attain our goals, have responsibilities, take care of our loved ones, etc.. Everything worth having in life has to do with our being willing to do what it takes to receive it, and to enjoy the process.

How To Thrive?

Turning striving into thriving has to do with how much you enjoy what you’re spending your time and energy doing, AND how much balance you’re able to have in your life.

You can love your job and spend hours each week doing that, but if you have no time to take care of yourself, interact with others in enjoyable ways, and have fun- then it’s safe to say that in time you may come to hate your job, or even think you hate your life.

So in order to keep this from happening, you have to GET CLEAR with yourself. I know it sounds so much easier than it feels when you start doing it, but you do have to meet yourself where you’re at.

Self love practices like journaling, going on walks, meditation, etc. can make a big difference! But I think sometimes finding outside inspiration can really be key! Sit down with someone you respect and ask them for advice. Or better yet- sign up for an ASTROLOGY reading of your natal chart, because here we can not only narrow down some great self care ideas specific to who you really are- but you can also share about some of your struggles and we can try to solve them with astrological insight. If that sounds funny, trust me- it actually works. I’ve had clients have transformational breakthroughs in their life after one reading.

No Matter What: Make Sure You’re Gentle With You

Ultimately, finding self compassion and meeting yourself with gentleness will never lead you astray! Even when you’re hustling, striving, and working hard to make something amazing happen in your life!

I’ve got a whole podcast episode on this topic where I dive into the difference between good striving and bad striving, and ways you can empower yourself while you sort things out! Listen now below, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!



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