It’s natural to feel hope and excitement on the brink of a new year, but I’m here to warn you about the trap of New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are nothing if there’s not sustainable and something you can build on throughout an entire year- otherwise they’re just a short term passion project to pump your ego.

Don’t let this happen to you, essentially wasting your opportunity to shift something that truly is important to you! After all, I know it’s important on a personal level or you wouldn’t pick it out!

Create a positive roadmap for yourself this New Year by guarding yourself against these New Year’s misconceptions! This way you can have the best 2023 possible!

New Year New You

Every New Year you’re going to be inundated with messaging around how you can change yourself in the new year.

Tt is normal and 100% acceptable to have things about yourself that you’re ready to change, ways you want to grow, and transformation you’re likely ready to make! But don’t fall into the trap that there’s a magical process that happens when the year turns that will suddenly give you the energy, time, space, or resources to make this happen. And please don’t fall into the trap of ever thinking that you are not good enough exactly as you are. After all- it’s who you are right now, who’s going to be the one to get you where you’re going!

So this New Year’s throw out the idea of New Year New You, and instead embrace the idea of New Year, New Growth Opportunity. This way you can create a sustainable and realistic plan of action to succeed in your personal transformation.

The 1st Day Of January is The Best Day For A Fresh Start

The 1st day of something always feels like a clean slate! New year, first day of school, even Monday (the first day of the week). However- January 1st is a rather arbitrary day that starts the Gregorian calendar- which has been around approximately 500 years. It’s not a day that’s energetically tuned in for new beginnings!

So with this in mind- don’t feel like everything HAS to be in place on January 1. Would it be easier to track your progress if you did? Maybe! But I’m telling you- there are better ways to use time to start a new.

New Moons which are the 1st day of a lunar cycle are incredibly powerful times for new beginnings. In fact, for thousands of years people have noticed evidence that starting projects on the new moon puts the energy of growth and expansion into your endeavors- even something as simple as cutting your hair can be seen as impacted by this.

In 2023 the New Moon comes 9 years before New Year’s Day on December 23rd! The 1st New Moon of 2023 will occur on January 21st. Either of these will be wonderful days to truly put your new intentions into motion! My recommendation as an astrologer is to get your vision rolling in December, and then work on it internally, developing a plan that you can put into place on January 21st.

A Bad Start Means You’re Doomed

Never let a bad start make you throw in the towel, or feel your chances of success are done for! A stroke of bad luck or challenge can come into our life at any time- and it’s never an omen that the entire year will be doomed.

If for whatever reason the start to 2023 is feeling less than ideal- maybe you’re not with your loved ones, your health is suffering, your struggling financial, your plans are just not falling into place, etc.- do not give up. If anything, your chances of finding strength and resilience are way more likely to kick in- and those two virtues can take anyone far.

Hang in there through the hardship, and remember that this part is temporary.

Keep One Resolution The Whole Year

What normally happens when you choose the path of one resolution is you either fail and throw in the towel on it all together, or you succeed and then move on once that box is checked off.

While this is an okay strategy to accomplish a finite goal- it’s not the way to go for true self improvement and personal growth.

Instead of picking one resolution- try thinking of who you want to be and where you want to be by this time next year! Work backwards from this moment to build a scalable plan that can become your roadmap for 2023. You can divide this up into 12 months, 4 seasons, or 52 weeks- whatever works for you! And let your process be a tiered one where one thing will lead to the next thing, then too the next.

Remember too that a lot can happen in a year- in fact, a lot can happen in a month! Give space in your roadmap for the unexpected, for rest, and for self care!

If this resonates with you, I highly recommend you check out our podcast episode on New Year’s Misconceptions where I expand more on the trap of New Year’s resolutions. And if you want to start using the lunar cycle to create new intentions each month- join our newsletter for our free lunar cycle guide, OR join our patreon for $3 a month to receive unique astrological info for the entire month including for your new and full moons!



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