Some of the greatest things you’ll ever do in your life will only happen if you have the courage to do scary things. How do you find this courage? How do you face your fears? How do you push through the inevitable discomfort of doing things that feel so uncomfortable? That’s what we’ll be exploring today.

Finding Courage

If finding the courage to do scary things is going to be the key to change, adventure, and growth in your life then it’s a good idea to understand what courage truly means. When you search courage on the internet you’ll get the usual definitions: strength when things are painful or difficult, speaking and acting from the heart, doing things in spite of the fear that you feel inside.

Find the definition that seems to fit your feeling most! However keep this in mind- moving and acting with courage is absolutely something you were built to do. Think of a child facing something for the first time that is terrifying- something you’ve already experienced and how you wish you could assure them that they will be ok. I picture the first day at school, jumping off a diving board, sleeping away from home, trying new foods, getting your permit, etc.

Being on the other side of these experiences we know that not only were our fears worth facing, but there are rewards we’ll reap too! The thrill of the jump, new friends, laughter, late night discussions, new favorites, nights out, etc. On the other side of many of the things we’re scared of are things that will make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Facing Your Fears

So how do you actually push through it? I don’t think there’s any one simple way. It comes down to understanding what you need, which means understanding how you work.

Ask yourself: What do I need to do in order to feel more confident?

Confidence usually comes from a place of being educated and having experience with the subject which means you’ll have to practice where you can.

This confidence is going to make you feel more prepared going in to face the worst case scenario instead of blindly meeting a situation you’ve never faced nor thought of before.

This is applicable in every area of your life! Afraid of sharing your life with someone? Of falling in love? Read success stories, talk over your fears with a therapist, research communication techniques ahead of time so you feel equipped to the best of your ability. Afraid of moving across the country? Of leaving your family? Understand the pros and cons of where you want to go, how this move could align with the person you want to become, and make a list of the things that are intimidating while creating a game plan of how you’d face each.

Doing your research does not guarantee that nothing will go wrong. It does, however, mean that you will be more prepared and hopefully be more resilient to face whatever does come your way.

Getting Through It

It’s important to remember that you won’t be absent of fear when you’re doing something that’s actually scary. That’s what the courage is for. Your courage to do scary things is what’s going to take you from that moment that you could say nah- and turn away, and instead actually push through the moment.

Stay focused on your goal, and remember that fear is not an indicator that you should or shouldn’t do something. Sometimes excitement feels a lot like fear. And fear in itself is just something that’s meant to protect you. It’s up to you to understand what would be worth it in the end for you, and to truly feel powerful in deciding on the kind of life you want to live.

I’ve got a lot more to say on this subject as I share current experiences from my own life so be sure to listen to the companion episode of the A Bit From Within Podcast: The Courage To Do Scary Things. You can listen below or find us on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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