Who else is feeling more than exhausted lately? I know I am. Sometimes I think it’s just me- like I’m broken somehow or not strong enough for everything that life has thrown at me lately, but then when I reach out to family and friends I hear the same things from them too. We’re tired. We’re worn out. Many of us are desperate for work to be more fun, and for life to feel like less work. Well today I want to share 3 self care practices for when life gets too overwhelming.

I’ll be the first to say that I am no expert- clearly I’m working to figure it all our myself! But I will say that these practices really do work- especially when you actually put them to practice! I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 R’s: Release, Rest, and Reorganization.


Originally I was going to title this section, “cry it out” but there are other great ways to find a release other than crying (even if it might be my go-to these days).

Finding a release is about letting out all the energy or emotions that naturally get collected, and perhaps start to pile up as we move along. It can also be needed when we experience something intense- where A LOT of energy or emotions get brought up all at once; almost like a big tidal wave that happens inside.

Here’s a few ideas for finding a good outlet for release:

  • Scream (never at someone- I usually do this in the car)
  • Throw a silent fit or tantrum (hitting your pillow or mattress)
  • Move your body: dance, shake, run, walk, etc.
  • Journal about your feelings or find a friend to vent to
  • Have a good cry

As a side note on crying: I know for some of us tears come easily, but for others they’re not accessible. Best advice is not to pressure yourself either way: don’t suppress the tears that show up, and don’t force ones that don’t.


True rest is a great way to hit the reset button inside. This one can feel hard because sometimes “resting” doesn’t actually bring what it should: relief! The overwhelm of lists, responsibilities, and the heaviness of the world just keeps on piling up, and we are getting more and more tired.

So the first thing we have to do is prioritize finding the kinds of rest that bring us: relaxation, refreshment, and recovery of strength! How do we do this? Well first we have to stop “resting” in ways that aren’t actually providing any improvement. I.e. falling asleep with your phone in your hand and waking up drained! (Sorry, but someone has to say it!).

Then, we have to narrow down the areas we could genuinely use rest in: physical, emotional, mental fatigue; or it could be needing a rest from socializing, or too much sensory input, or being burnt out creatively. Sleep is a wonderful tool for rest, but you can also try unplugging from technology, meditation, and increasing the quality of your alone time. Remember- there’s no one recipe for rest because your recalibration depends on how depleted you are; a bad week will require a different rest remedy than years of chronic stress. Be patient.

Try to incorporate these principles to help find genuine rest:

  • Create more space for yourself
  • Embrace intentionality and mindfulness
  • Treat yourself with kindness
  • Choose one or two favorite self care rituals that serve you
  • Find routines that support your wellbeing


Taking a good, hard look at the big picture and making necessary changes is an important piece of this puzzle. Reorganizing can feel hard or easy- or a bit of both, but I’ll admit that as a type-a personality this one feels really good for me. I believe that reorganizing will bring relief, empowerment, and protection.

How can you reorganize your life to help with the overwhelm? Well, you can make this your own- but making lists is my favorite way. Lists like:

  • Everything I’m in charge of right now
  • What I need to help me thrive right now
  • What’s in the way of me having more space in my life

Lists like these help to sort through what’s a priority, what can go, and what can be delegated or put off for a different time. Figuring out how to create more space in your life is SO essential!

I hope you try these three self care practices for when life is too overwhelming and that they help you feel better!

One of the purposes of sharing a bit from within is to reveal the real things I’m struggling with and ways that I’ve found to help myself, so that anyone out there who’s feeling something similar (even a bit) knows they’re not alone. We can gain inspiration and encouragement from one another!

If you resonate with this post, I’d love to suggest you check out this week’s sister episode of our podcast which is all about Perfecting The Work Life Balance. In this episode I interview Dr. Alissa Edoff, a mobile veterinarian who specializes in acupuncture and rehabilitation, on some of her techniques to find balance between the busyness and pressures of running a business and finding time for herself! We discuss life’s twists and turns, the joy of traveling, and some best practices for perfecting the work/life balance. Listen below, or wherever you listen to podcasts (search: The A Bit From Within Podcast with Felicia Marti).



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