If there’s anything I know about people it’s that we have a desire to connect with others, we need new ideas and inspiration, and sometimes getting out of our normal routine is really helpful for us!

That is why I am hosting my first ever Journey Through The Moon Workshop that will give you an opportunity to track your monthly experience through the moons 8 phases and through the 12 zodiac signs.


1 Kick off conversation on Wed. July 27th at 7:15pm

During the kickoff conversation I’ll walk you through the simple workbook you’ll receive to help you track your journey throughout the month. We’ll touch on some suggestions in ways to work with the moon, what activities are best when, and you’ll have time to start thinking of intentions for the month ahead and what you hope to get out of it.

Then over the next month you’ll check in each day with your workbook pages and jot down your experience. You’ll be able to track your energy through the 8 moon phases, and there will be a section that tracks the moon’s journey through the 12 zodiac signs so you can compare and contrast what the predicted energy of the zodiac sign was with how you were actually feeling!

At the end of the lunar cycle we’ll come back for one final connection on Fri. August 26th at 7:15pm to share our observations, surprises, and biggest takeaways!

Register Now to Join! This is a $0 investment, and simply a time to do something fun for yourself!

What You Can Take Away From This

If you struggle with actually making time for real self care each month, I’ve found that working with the lunar cycle is one of the most powerful ways to make self care time a priority.

Why? How does that work?

  1. It’s consistent every single month and something you can count on.
  2. It’s more flexible with a busy schedule. There’s no have to’s, you can do it in the morning or night, etc. You can spend a short or long amount of time.
  3. It’s an ancient practice that’s still relevant today, and instinctive to your nature. Working with the moon is natural.
  4. It’s both a creative and analytical process so you get to embrace the side of your brain that doesn’t always get the outlet that it needs.
  5. Whenever you are out in the evening and you peek up into the sky and see the moon, it reminds you of your work, and roots you back into your goals.

Every week Felicia shares a bit from within on her podcast. Every episode includes a brief astro check in as to what’s going on astrologically and how you can use the context for deeper self care, as well as a personal reflection on the usual ups and downs we all face, and how we can come back to a mindful and empowered place to move forward from. Listen now below or wherever you listen to podcasts:



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