Every year on your birthday the sun returns to the same place it was when you were born. (Well technically it’s the Earth returning to the same spot, but since everything in astrology is from our perspective here on earth we say it is the Sun.) This is known as your Solar Return.

Just like a new moon, your solar return is a beautiful time for wishes for your year ahead as it marks the beginning of a new personal year for you!

I believe that every new beginning is best served by a bit of self reflection so I’ve included here the 4 questions I like to use every Solar Return to ensure success and intention for the year ahead!

1) What major themes have shown up over the past year of my life?

Before we move forward we must take a moment to consider what has brought us to this moment!

I love this question because it’s more than simply looking at the highlights or lowlights of your year. In fact, looking for the reoccurring themes since your last birthday can actually help you connect the dots you otherwise may have never thought to.

2) What surprises you about what you’ve accomplished over the last year?

This one is another favorite because again- it’s more than just listing an accomplishment on your highlight reel. Instead, asking yourself what surprised you allows you to focus on the things you never expected.

I also find that asking this question in this way allows you an opportunity to feel sneakily proud of yourself!

3) What do you hope this next year brings for you?

A more traditional question for your birthday, but for good reason! Reflecting on your hopes for the future allows you to go inward and speak from your heart. I think so many of us have either a conditioning of making a wish from years of blowing out birthday candles, or an instinct inner knowing that this is a magical time to make a wish for ourselves- so we don’t often choose to not waste this question with everyone else’s desires for us. We usually can tap right in to what matters most to us now.

4) What one habit would you like to create in your life for the year ahead?

This one is important because it brings a through line that re-enforced by action. Now remember- a habit like this doesn’t need to be done every single day but really it’s something you want to build into your life often- almost like a ritual.

Every time you sit down to ask yourself questions you can make it a special ritual! Whether you pour yourself a cup of tea, take yourself out for a pastry to journal, or sit beneath a tree with paper and pencil in hand, I challenge you to find a space and time for this sacred self work that honors you right now. It is in these moments that the intentions we have for ourselves truly are sowed into our lives.

And if you’re wanting to treat yourself a little extra this birthday, I highly recommend looking at your astrological solar return chart! This is something you can find online and research yourself, or you can consult someone like me (a professional astrologer who does readings) for a little extra guidance! Your solar return chart is filled with new inspiration and information that can help you for your year ahead!

Check Out Our Birthday Ritual Guide

If you are a lover of special rituals and intention settings, you’ll be sure to want to get a copy of our birthday ritual guide. This guide is a workbook to work through a few of the questions here, along with several more. It also includes a very special birthday ritual that you can perform again and again at your birthday!

Solar Return Astrological Reading

Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of a solar return reading for their birthday this year! This specific kind of astrological reading is perfect for those who may already be very into astrology but want to explore the upcoming year for themselves more specifically. If you’re new to astrology try a Discover Your Natal Chart session!

For more on solar returns, and to hear my answers to each of these questions on the eve of my 35th birthday, check out this week’s episode of the A Bit From Within Podcast, now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, (or wherever you love to listen).



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