Dive into your love of working with the lunar cycles with our beautiful 2023 moon journal! This digital guide will teach you how to work with the lunar cycle, and help you make the most of every lunar cycle in 2023! Moon Journalling is a fantastic and easy to do self care practice to intentionally spend time with yourself working on short term goal setting! Not only do you get our workbook pages to use to track your own experience, but there are pages of key details and extra information to help you foster your love for the process! This 27 page PDF is perfect to be inspired throughout each month to set intentions, build goals, and find release each month. The beautiful downloadable workbook includes:
  • An overview of key dates for 2023
  • Overview of using the lunar cycle for self transformation
  • Instructions on using the workbook
  • Special references for new moons & each zodiac
  • Reference for Full Moons & Using Polarity
  • 2023 Eclipse Preview
  • Seasonal Intention space for Equinoxes and Solstices
  • Workbook pages for each lunar cycle in through 2023 with sign info, insight, and space to keep track of your experience
You'll LOVE this digital 2023 moon journal. You can use it digitally, or have it printed to write on by hand. (And if you need advice for speciality printing just shoot me a message and I'll help you out!)