• Using lunar cycles can be a transformational and deeply supportive practice, especially as you prioritize self care in your life. This bundle includes: New Moon Guide
    • A deep dive into the first 2 weeks of the lunar cycle with emphasis on the New Moon.
    • 4 New Moon Rituals you can change up throughout the year and cater to different moods/energies you may feel
    • Teaches about using the New Moon cycle to set intentions, manifest, and find renewal
    Full Moon Guide
    • A deep dive into the last 2 weeks of the lunar cycle with emphasis on the Full Moon.
    • 4 Full Moon Rituals/Exercises you can use throughout the year
    • Teaches about using the Full Moon cycle to celebrate, release, breakthrough, and find surrender
    2022 Lunar Cycle Workbook
    • An overview of key dates for 2022
    • Overview of using the lunar cycle for self transformation
    • Instructions on using the workbook
    • Special references for new moons & each zodiac
    • Reference for Full Moons & Using Polarity
    • 2022 Eclipse Deep Dive
    • Seasonal Intention space for Equinoxes and Solstices
    • Workbook pages for each lunar cycle in 2022 with sign info, insight, and space to keep track of your experience
  • This New Moon Guide is a 10 page pdf that breaks down how to use with New Moon energy for initiation, growth, and building. It includes information on how to interpret your feelings and different rituals to choose from to help support you in manifesting what you bring into reality. Using lunar cycles can be a transformational practice, especially as you prioritize your self care and well-being. This guide will give you the context of how to deepen your relationship to the new moon cycle and how to use it to fully support you with you new intentions.
  • This printable monthly moon journal was designed specifically for you to be able to print out and mark up with all your notes, observations, and experiences throughout each lunar cycle. This is perfect for anyone interested in using the lunar cycles for self transformation, because so often we get swept away in our experience at the New Moon and Full Moon, and we take for granted the other 6 phases and how it impacts our energy and daily experiences too! Another great feature of this printable monthly moon journal is there are options each month in what you want to focus on! It comes with an explanation of the 8 moon phases and a simple tool to track your experience. It also includes an option to track the moons movement through the zodiac and the different influences the zodiac signs may bring to you! You can do both in one cycle, alternate each cycle, or focus on the one that matters more to you right now! There's also monthly reflection questions, and a scatterplot tool to help you identify patterns in your energy and schedule!
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