What does it mean for us to sit in openness and vulnerability? Every single one of us has a different experience with this. During some times of our life we feel shiny, brilliant, confident, ready. Other times we may feel self-conscious, nervous, withdrawn, or shy. Much of the time we're somewhere in between: confident until that big presentation, until we push publish on that new post, until we have to share how we're actually feeling when what will come out of our mouth will disappoint or scare our loved one. This 15 minute meditation is a moment to open yourself up, sit in the vulnerability of being seen, and to tap into that place in yourself where you remember at your very core how enough, how worthy, and how perfectly YOU that you are. I think you'll find it very curious what happens next following this meditation. Maybe it will be a confidence booster, or maybe you'll find yourself feeling a little more self conscious than normal (this is actually what happened to me today). But whatever you find is right on track to allow you to notice where you are on your journey today, to notice what things are 'up' for you right now, and give you a place from which to mark your continual growth and progress.