• Let's look at where the celestial bodies will be in the sky at your birthday this year! Astrologically this is done through your solar return chart, looking at where things are lining up this year when the sun returns to the exact place it was when you first made your way into the world. This kind of reading is perfect for those who have already had an astrological reading for themselves done, and want to explore relevant themes that may be occurring astrologically for you personally during the year ahead!
  • This 30 minute consultation is an introduction to your natal chart elements, which I believe is the most beautiful way to begin to understand the unique make up of your personal astrology. This will help you build on your self understanding, self awareness, validate your experiencing, get the wheels turning in your mind, and leave you with enough that you're not overwhelmed with too much new information. This kind of session is perfect for those new to astrology, or wanting to focus on a general sense of balance.
  • Let's look into the impression the stars left on you shaping you in to the person that you are today! I'll share with you essential and unique take aways from your astrology chart, explain the ways these may play in your life, and contribute to the lessons you're learning here in this life time. The natal chart reading is not a prediction of what the future will hold, but an inner look at who you are.
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