• This 30 minute mini session lets us look at the general make up of your chart! Perfect for beginners who want more understanding of the elements (earth, fire, water, and air) in their natal chart and the role the elements play in your life right now and how you interact with the world! Most 30 minute sessions enough time for:
    • Chart element overview (what's your dominate or missing elements)
    • Special look at your big 3
    • The most helpful details to start your journey of honoring your astrological chart
    • Questions & Answers
    Perfect for those new to astrology who desire to know more! Each session can be tailored to cover what’s most relevant for you!
  • 60 minute astrology reading of your unique astrology chart! I'll help you understand the signs that play a big role in your life, including your moon and rising sign which along side your sun sign paint a huge picture at who you are, how you show up in the world, and what you deeply need to honor yourself. Most 60 minute sessions enough time for:
    • Big Three explanation (sun, moon, rising)
    • A special look at your chart ruler
    • Important dynamics that are unique to your chart
    • Time for answers on specific areas of your life you may have questions about (jobs, relationships, family, luck, etc.)
    Each session can be tailored to cover what's most relevant for you!  
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