• Many of us are looking for a wonderful meditation for money and prosperity, and while I'm a bit biased, I personally love this meditation that will help you find grounding as well as create openness in your heart and energy to open channels of prosperity to flow to you. This meditation is 18 minutes long, and provides time to breathe and drop in before walking you through visualization techniques to help you elevate your prosperity mindset. At its best perhaps it helps you attract what you desire into your life, but it will definitely help you shift your mindset towards positivity and higher vibrations which will also help you draw in many forms of abundance in your life. (This meditation is perfect if you've been feeling fearful about money, feeling stuck in your current financial situation, or if you desire a shift in your daily prosperity mindset).
  • Sometimes we can put a name to why we're feeling anxious, and other times it's just an undercurrent or vibration that we feel we don't know why it's there. There's been a few times this week where I've caught myself filled with anxiety and not being able to figure out a reason why. For me, these are moments that my whole body is feeling called to find grounding and to destress. That is exactly what this anxiety reducing meditation will hopefully be able to help you find. Mindfulness, deep breathing, and giving our self space and time on our own to reset really can work wonders! Join me for this 18 minute guided meditation that you can come back to again and again to find relief.  
  • What better than a 20 minute guided meditation that was created just for you to practice during the full moon. So often we hear of the wild things that happen during the Full Moon; there's no doubt that there's lots of energy and emotion that can be stirred up when the moon is high in the sky. In our society we're so often rewarded for what we produce, and how much we are doing- but there are huge personal rewards for slowing down. This includes rest, meditation, slowing down, being quiet, going inward, finding new space inside of you. Take a moment for you this evening and add this 20 minute guided meditation onto the end of your day, or as part of your own sacred rituals for self care and support this full moon and throughout the full moon cycle each month.
  • One human experience we've all felt all some level is the overwhelm and fear that come when we've been faced with our own physical pain or injury. Whether that be an unexpected injury like a broken bone or other trauma, or an expected one that hurts badly none the less like a scheduled surgery. Being injured and finding healing are very big and can be complex moments in our lives. They often bring a myriad of difficult emotions. That's what this meditation is for: to help us intercede in the downward spiral, reconnect to breath, and find invaluable acceptance for where we are today. The total meditation is about 15 minutes long, with a brief introduction. There's no special requirements for today's meditation, and it can be done every day or as needed while you're going through a healing process.
  • What does it mean for us to sit in openness and vulnerability? Every single one of us has a different experience with this. During some times of our life we feel shiny, brilliant, confident, ready. Other times we may feel self-conscious, nervous, withdrawn, or shy. Much of the time we're somewhere in between: confident until that big presentation, until we push publish on that new post, until we have to share how we're actually feeling when what will come out of our mouth will disappoint or scare our loved one. This 15 minute meditation is a moment to open yourself up, sit in the vulnerability of being seen, and to tap into that place in yourself where you remember at your very core how enough, how worthy, and how perfectly YOU that you are. I think you'll find it very curious what happens next following this meditation. Maybe it will be a confidence booster, or maybe you'll find yourself feeling a little more self conscious than normal (this is actually what happened to me today). But whatever you find is right on track to allow you to notice where you are on your journey today, to notice what things are 'up' for you right now, and give you a place from which to mark your continual growth and progress.
  • What better than a 30 minute Yoga Nidra class for you to carve out a space to totally and completely relax the body? Yoga Nidra is a state in which your body is completely relaxed- where you can become increasingly aware of your state of being both physically and in your own inner experience. Some people have wonderful sensations or even visions during Yoga Nidra, others actually fall asleep (which is TOTALLY fine). Essentially we are activating the parasympathetic nervous system so you can restore while still remaining conscious (hence being guided throughout). Prepare your space:  Create an environment you can relax in. Consider your body temperature as you won't be be moving so you may want to warm up with a blanket or extra clothing. The darker the better for this practice so lighting a few candles or practicing with just moon and starlight coming in through a window would be totally welcome here- or perhaps you have an eye pillow you could use. Once you've created your space, you're ready to get comfortable and begin!
  • Are you ready to make big changes in our life? Perhaps you're at the start of a new beginning and have begun imagining all the possibilities that this next year will hold. This meditation will ground you and leave you both physically and mindfully in a greater space to create and/or manifest from. It's hard to thrive in your life when you're stuck in fight, flight, or freeze. That’s why focused meditation has been proven to truly allow the body’s parasympathetic nervous system to come on board, lower cortisol levels, and allow you to access a place from which you are grounded, steady, and peaceful. This meditation is one you can do at any point of the day, but I may suggest that it would be most powerful before your own personal manifestation practices. You might be the kind of person that does a vision board (do this before that), or you make a list before bed of where you picture yourself in the future (do this before that). You might be a person who sets intentions at the beginning of each week- or who uses their yoga practice for intention setting- you can do this before those! This meditation can also be done as a standalone, any time you just need to ground down and expand your energy field- even without a purpose to conscious manifest afterward.
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