Owning What Works For You

There’s always someone out there that claims that they have THE method to make something work for you: weight loss, organization, parenting, self growth, etc. You name it- someone out there has the formula. However, what many of us take forget the most important piece of the equation which is: ourselves.

Like it or not, you are a unique individual. You’re not disorganized because you’re bad, or short-tempered because you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s not fair to take a short coming, or an obstacle to our goals and immediately put ourselves into a good or bad box. If we truly want to make something we desire work for us, we have to be willing to realistically see ourselves thriving in the situation.

What Works For You?

This is where I start to really geek out as a mentor to those craving self transformation in both life or business is by helping others to understand that they have all the freedom in the world to choose their own path to success, what matters is being honest about what’s attainable and doable for their self.

Time and again I’ve seen amazing people fall short in the systems that someone else told them they had to be successful in: you HAVE to use instagram to grow your photography business, prioritize cardio, wake up early, be an incredible networker, etc.

If you tell a deeply introverted individual that they have to go to networking events and be outgoing in order to be successful, what usually happens is 1) they never start trying or 2) they push themselves so far out of what works for them that they burn out and end up hating what they do. (Or at least hating what they feel they have to do in order to get there.)

As you start to look through the lens of self love AND self development, you can begin to look at any area you’d like to see change differently. There are 1 question you can ask yourself in order to make sure you’re choosing a system that works well for you.

Is This Sustainable and Realistic for me?

Sustainability is key for success in any situation! What’s sustainable for some people is not for others. There are some introverts who have foundations throughout their life to recharge their battery who could definitely manage several big networking events a year- but there are some introverts who have big families, or work with lots of people who wouldn’t have the bandwidth to make that work. There are some people who can work on their feet for 10 hours a day and still need to get more movement into their day, and there are other people who can’t come home and add a workout on their feet to their day after their physical energy was spent at their job.

After you’ve narrowed down if something is sustainable, you also have to ask yourself if you will realistically commit to it. If it’s sustainable to add a workout regimen to your week but the only way to do it would be to wake up an hour earlier every day- is that realistic?

These are actually deeply personal answers, and ones that change throughout your life! Just because something used to work for you, doesn’t mean that it always will- especially as life changes, and life changes you.

Making Sure It Works Long Term

What we’re trying to avoid is making a commitment that is only temporary because of how it was set up and how it works with who you really are or what you have available at this time.

I want you to feel so empowered when you make a change that you deeply want. If you really want to be more organized, is perfection with staying organized a realistic goal? No! And why should it be. If you’re good at multitasking and can have a lot going on at once- let’s make a pile on your desk system work for you. Put household stuff you have to get to later on the left of your desk, fun stuff you want to get to on the right, and a trashcan underneath for everything else. Then every few months file that stuff somewhere more permanent.

There’s nothing wrong with being who and how you are! Integrating your values and goals into systems that will genuinely work for you.

You can listen to my expanded thoughts on this topic in the companion episode on The A Bit From Within Podcast. Every week I share a bit from within on the podcast, striving to connect with others and encourage more self compassion, understanding, and empowered personal transformation. Listen below, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.



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