There are moments in your life where things have been the same for awhile, and you suddenly know it’s time to make room for something new. Now you may not consciously know there’s something to make room for- but even if it’s subconscious- we understand that bringing new things into our lives often requires a goodbye of some kind.

Think of saying goodbye to middle school when you’re newly approaching high school, or saying goodbye to the smooth teeth you’ve known your whole life when the braces get put on to help you achieve a straighter smile. Think of packing up the boxes of your life as you move to a new city- and probably the amount of things you had to get rid of as you approached that move. Or the many nights alone or with family you said goodbye to when you entered that new relationship and a new level of intimacy and partnership become yours.

This process is natural- even if we go kicking and screaming, resisting the changes that are coming our way. However, it’s also possible to lean into this concept of letting go, essentially making room in our lives, in order to bring change and transformation when we’re desperately craving it.

Making Room In Your Physical Space: 

No matter how many square feet house your possessions- going through your things will be an essential part of making room in your physical space.

Many of us have more than we could possible ever need, and giving things up can be a difficult process. I honestly think that emotional piece is the biggest part of the work. Acknowledge the use your possessions have played in your life and saying goodbye when they’re no longer serving you is a good and beneficial practice. Fix up things you desire to keep, toss the things you haven’t touched in years (no matter how good your intentions with them are) or that are broken, holey, or damaged, and donate the useful items that no longer are of use to you.

I often challenge myself in 1 or 2 of the listed areas below to purge what’s no longer needed. You can do this any time but I tend to focus on this work around the full moon, during mercury retrogrades, or sometimes on a solar eclipse (powerful new moon).

  • Clothing
    • Purses/Bags, Shoes, Tops, Bottoms, Undergarments, Outerwear
  • Kitchen
    • Tupperware, Pots/Pans, Baking Dishes, Silverware/Utensils, Refrigerator goods, Pantry Goods, Tea/Coffee, Appliances
  • Office
    • Books, Stationary, Pens/Pencils/Markers, Supplies, Unused Hardware/Cables
  • Documents
    • Receipts, Bills, Contracts, Agreements, Mail, Life Essentials
  • Closets
    • Towels, Cleaning Supplies, Games, Outerwear, Oversized Items, Infrequently used items, Sports equipment, Photos, Decor, etc.
  • Personal Items
    • Childhood treasures, Photos, Hobby equipment, Nostalgic items, Journals, Past work
  • Living Areas
    • Blankets, Games, Movies, Video Games, Remotes, Catch all corners/drawers, Display selves, Plants, Books, etc.

Please note: this work can be incredible emotional and have an effect on your energy (sometimes it’s energizing and other times draining) so give space, tons of self compassion, and take it at your own pace although do stay committed to the process.

Helpful Tips: I find it nice to listen to audio books, podcasts (like the companion episode to this post on: making room for something new), tv shows (I love a good long reality show like Big Brother), or favorite music while you do this to help pass the time! And of course, reward yourself with your favorite things, food, or activities after your work is done!

Making Space In Your Emotional and Mental Life

This work isn’t the kind that you roll up your sleeves and spend an afternoon clearing out- it’s work that’s done over time, and sometimes with the support of a trusted person like a best friend or therapist. It’s the kind of work where you begin establishing boundaries in your life around your time, your interactions, or the things that you give or receive.

Please keep in mind that some of these ideas below may be temporary while others could be permanent. It’s always up to you! While making space your emotions and mental wellbeing you’ll often need to carve out more alone time, or simply the energy to take care of yourself which will naturally mean a pull back from others things. You can always go back to them when you’re ready!

Here are a few ideas to make space for something new

Ideas for Emotional/Mental Space Making:

  • You choose to stop accepting the call or, or visiting with that one person in you life whose interactions drain you or leave you feeling lonely, unsupported, or overwhelmed.
  • You block/mute social media accounts that leave you feeling insecure or triggered in some way.
  • You stop doing the little habits throughout the day that are distracting you from something that’s better for you.
  • You stop spending time and money creating experiences or gifts for others (possibly temporarily) while you focus on your own goals/needs.
  • You reduce the amount of time you’re available to spend at social events or special outings.
  • You start spending your time in a new way from how you normally spend it (trading social media for reading, doing puzzles instead of watching tv, or writing instead of playing video games).

What Happens Next?

So what happens once you go through this hard work of making room for something new? Do you immediately receive everything you want? Ha! I wish I could say that, and I wish it were true.

What happens is a new journey begins.

Things happen when you’re ready, and when the timing is right, so sometimes your work becomes staying open, staying clear about what you want, and simply knowing that you’ve made room for beautiful new people, opportunities, or things to come in to your life.

Of course, this is a deeper subject than I can adequately share on in a blog, but I’d love for you to listen in on the compassion episode where I share more about the emotions and the letting go of this work on my podcast: The A Bit From Within podcast. This weekly podcast is about all things self care, mindfulness, and doing the little things to make your life better. And of course I weave in some supportive and fun astrological tidbits too! You can listen now here below, on Apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to pods!



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