For most of my life the moon came and went, and I never noticed it much. Not unless I was driving home and a brilliant harvest moon looked giant and gold in the sky, or if I was camping and the sky was filled with stars and no moon. It wasn’t until I was practicing yoga that I heard of the influence of the moon, and the lore of how full or new moons.

Then a couple of years ago I was strolling through Barnes and Nobel feeling overly tired, looking for something new to inspire me for the yoga class I was teaching the next day. Books have always given me incredible inspiration and comfort. There on the shelf I saw a book called Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon by Ezzie Spencer, and immediately was drawn to what was inside. Spencer’s book illuminated the idea of using the lunar cycle through all the phases to give more purpose and intentionality to your life. Since then, I began noticing the moon phases much more intently.

Then, in March of 2020, just like many of you, my life changed when the pandemic hit. My yoga studio closed, and my events as wedding photographer were put on hold, and in that space I started thinking about how I was going to use that time to take better care of myself, and to perhaps create something new that I could help others as well.

So I started to create my own lunar guide each month for A Bit From Within patreon members. It started out just knowing where the moon was at in the sky, which zodiac sign it was currently in, and a ritual idea working with the elements of the moon and sun to support our well-being. I’ll never forget that first guide- it was for a Taurus new moon- and ever since then, I’ve been crafting this evolving self care lunar guides.

Access to 2022 Moon Tracker for Self Care Support

I didn’t really know when I started that endeavor how in about a year’s time I would have a totally new relationship with tracking the lunar cycle in my life. While Lunar Abundance presents one way of looking at the lunar cycle which is using every part of the lunar phases for different expressions of growth and manifestation, that felt a little too intense and time consuming for me. I found that through creating the new and full moons each month that having a good idea of those 2 pinpoints each month was extremely helpful.

I’ve found that using the lunar cycles is a highly personal process, and that it really takes time to start to develop an idea of the way the cyclical flow works for you. Speaking for myself, New Moons are really wonderful times for new intentions and beginnings. Now that I’m more conscious of this I feel as though I can co-create with the moon to shed light onto my intentions as she gains her light, and really bring it up to this beautiful peak moment at the full moon. The full moon for me is not always this flood of energy in an active way- how I’ve heard many others describe it. At the Full moon sometimes I’m just warn out, and super emotional, and just needing to rest a bit. I like using the full moon part of the cycle for self care, tying up loose ends, and resting.

Part of what I started A Bit From Within is so that I could share my personal experience with others, and also hear a bit from within them about the same topics. So if you have been tracking the lunar cycle, or want to begin, this is a great community for you! I’d love to hear your thoughts and how it the cycle expresses itself in your life.

If you want to begin to look at this more closely, check out my standalone guides here on my website! I have specially designed beautiful guides for the New Moon, the Full Moon, and a 2023 Moon Tracking Workbook that explains everything in workbook form and allows you to start tracking the cycles for yourself. I love this tool because it really takes your working with the cycle to a deeper level, and allows you to look back at what was happening to form pattern connections. I do have all three in a special “Lunar Cycle Kit” bundle too for a special rate!

I really think you’ll love and be inspired by the way tracking the moon will influence your life!



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