We always hear that our mindset is everything, but actually getting your mind to a positive place when you’re down in the snake pit that is fear, resentment, frustration, bitterness, etc. is always easier said than done.

So what CAN be done about switching into a positive mindset?

The first thing you can do is truly root into your faith system for your genuine belief around divine timing. Do you believe that everything is working out for your highest good? If not right now, then could you believe this to be possible?

Most of the time, I do believe that everything is happening for my highest good. Sometimes I have to really imagine that there’s e some extra magic going on behind the curtain, because we ALL experience hardship and struggle in our lives.

In my early days of therapy, my therapist was helping me to understand that life is filled with moments of contraction and expansion. When I could start to identify which one I was currently experiencing it would help me remember that soon things would again shift. Most big contractions would be followed by incredible expansions, then another contraction would follow the expansion. This cycle has moves with me through life.

Now to be honest, when I’m in the middle of an especially challenging time it’s REALLY hard for me to see beyond the pain to how this could possibly work out for the best. And yet, time and time again I’ve continued to experience growth in all the areas of my life I’ve worked through.

Have I had everything I’ve wanted in the order I wanted it? Definitely not. But have I seen growth and progress? Absolutely.

Even now, there are things that I have craved becoming and experiencing that I feel very far away from. I still feel sad about this sometimes, or disappointed, or those normal thoughts around, “will this ever happen for me?” But then I have to stop that train of thought and remember all of the things that I have now that I once worried about ever receiving.

I also find myself appreciating everything I’ve experienced that I never would have, had things unfolded according to my own plan. This brings me back to my faith that things happen how they’re supposed to, and often above and beyond our own imaginations and expectations.

So how do you accept the contraction while you’re in it?

Acceptance is key. It’s helpful to stop resisting or feeding into fear when things begin to contract in your life. You may not be able to control everything around you, but you can control your mindset and that is key.

During difficult times, do you best to root yourself into your body and spirituality; try communing in prayer, going for a walk, connecting with nature, switch from podcasts/tv show background noise to meditative or energizing music, spend time in gratitude, and picture all the faces of those who support you and who have influenced you along your journey. I also recommend, that once a week you set aside 10 minutes to find a cleansing ritual that really works for you, and allow yourself to mentally shift from managing what’s going wrong to focusing on what is going right.

To listen to a more personalized conversation around this topic, check out episode 104: How to Trust In Divine Timing of The A Bit From Within podcast, where I candidly share very personal parts of my journey that have helped me root into my faith around divine timing. You can listen now here below, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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