It’s often when you’re most stressed about finances or are having money woes that’s when you start wondering- could there be a different way? Stress around money can be a powerful wrecking ball in our life, coming through and bringing a path of destruction that leaves us scared to lose what we’ve worked so hard for and worried we won’t be able to come back from this.

I’ve felt this way in my life! In fact- recently I’ve been feeling it a lot. For me the seed of financial fears began to grow during 2020, when like much of the rest of the world I was trying to get creative about bringing in my money because my original “plan” was severely altered. Then as I began to recover from that tough year, my partner David became quite ill and we had to unexpectedly pour a significant amount of our resources into medical bills.

Now the reason I share that is to give context to the fact that I understand how unfair it can all feel, and how scary it is to not know how it’s all going to work out sometimes. No matter what your financial circumstance is right now, how much you have to your name, or what your annual income is- it is okay to crave more abundance or prosperity in your life.

Your Attitude About Your Money Mindset

When it comes to money, all of us have sets of beliefs that are deeply rooted in our consciousness about money. This is important because our beliefs do affect our attitude.

For example, if every time you save money and out of no where an emergency happens that costs everything you’ve saved- maybe you start believing that whenever you have money it’ll be taken away. Could you blame yourself for getting fearful every time you start to save up?

While we can’t shift our beliefs overnight (that takes time, intention, and practice), we can notice our day to day attitude about money. Here’s a few things to begin to daily elevate your vibration around money:

  • Money is energy, and is meant to come and go.
  • Abundance/Money and Trust share the same energetic vibration.
  • Picture yourself as a magnet for money and resources flowing to you.
  • The beautiful Divine, God, The Universe is conspiring to support you.
  • You could do a lot of good in this world if your needs AND wants were met.

When I focus on these steady abundant thoughts instead of fear, I start to feel a heckofa lot more hopeful. I can feel it in my attitude, in my energy; I’m in a more positive place.

A positive mindset is always going to help you attract more of what you do want than a negative mindset will.

You can do this too! You can try the guided meditation I use that will help you deeply ground and begin to attract more resources into your life! It’s available here for $3! Or you can totally do this yourself by carving out at least 3 minutes a day to meditate on your money/prosperity/abundance (you pick the word that feels best to you)! Focus on:

  • Grounding yourself
  • Shifting your thoughts away from fear
  • Focusing on all of the channels of prosperity flowing to you

And if you’re not one for meditation- try to not think of it as “meditating” and instead as a time where you’re just consciously focusing on your thoughts, and visualizing yourself in a better financial place (without the fear or limitation). You can totally do this by journalling a few minutes a day too! Take time to sit with your abundance mindset and raise your vibration.

Being Open and Ready to Receive

All of the above is very important, but there’s a final piece which is: if you ask for what you want, you also have to be prepared to receive it.

Sounds easy, but how often in your life do you turn away from receiving? Someone offers to buy you a coffee- what do you say? Is it something like, “you don’t have to do that!” or “no, no, let ME buy our coffees.” This may happen to you more often than you realize! The Universe is trying to bring you prosperity all the time, and when it does, you push it away.

Practice consciously moving through the world being prepared to receive! Have your yeses and thank you’s ready to go! And yes, when you have the ability to pay it forward, to share with someone else, you can offer it too! But don’t immediately control the cycle by saying, “I’ll get it next time.” Stay in the place of receiving, and know in your entire vibration or being that you’ll continue to be a part of the giving/receiving cycle and make someone else’s day the way that you’re having yours made right now. It’s all part of the same cycle.

Finally, gratitude is going to be your foundation for all of this work around money beliefs and prosperity. Practice gratitude all the time. I’m grateful for the water I’m drinking, I’m grateful for my car that safely gets me around, I’m grateful for the food I’m about to receive, I’m grateful for the text I just received from my friend.

Gratitude will keep your prosperity mindset elevated and vibrating high. And if ever you start to feel blue or scared about your prosperity, gratitude will lead you back to where you want to be!

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