“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”

I pinned this quote 7 years ago, and came upon it recently when perusing through my Pinterest boards. It struck me the threads of that quote I’ve been pulling in my own life. Ten years after beginning a career in wedding photography, I’m closing the door to that chapter, because, for me, being a wedding photographer keeps me rushing. And I’ve come to full acceptance that that’s not the life I choose for myself anymore. I’m so tired of rushing.

But after years and years of rushing, achieving, worrying, etc. it’s hard to remember what enjoying life looks like! So while I mused about this on the podcast this week, I wanted to share some of my ideas for ways we can ENJOY more of our life.


Consume Stories:

Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, interviews on youtube.

Watch tv shows, movies, or theater.

Read novels, magazine, short stories, etc!


Paint on a canvas or on your walls.

Make decor that you can take your time with then display proudly (even seasonally!)

Doodle on paper or outside with chalk.

Pick up an instrument, sing along with your favorite singers, or hum.

Nourish Yourself:

Start searching for recipes! Bonus points if the meals have benefits for your body that you can take pride in consuming. Make your food look, taste, and smell delicious. Sneak the snacks, make the tea, and every once in awhile indulge in the sweets!

Connect: Invite a friend to coffee, meet up with loved ones, send messages or letters to those you miss, call your mom, sit outside with your friend, talk to your barista or grocery checker about their day. Find new ways to listen and to share.

Clean: Take care of your body, your home, and your things! Take time to watch your hair, and face, to put lotion on your skin, and to make your body feel good and how you life it to look and feel. In that same vein, take pride in your home and make sure it’s clean too: vacuuming, dusting, organizing, cleaning out cupboards or the fridge or closets, etc. It all matters.

Gather Resources: Take stock of what you’d need or what you’d like and you find a way to bring those things into your life. Yes this is full permission to buy some new clothes, accessories, decor, or other resources that you’ve been craving and desiring. Giving yourself things does matter and can go a long way for your heart!

Root Yourself:

Move with intention by slowing down in every day life. Park farther away, hold doors open for others, let the others “beat you” to the checkout stand, and simply stop rushing.

This will also help you to think more clearly, and to make time for yourself!


Let your style evolve!

Get a haircut.

Try something you’ve always wanted to but that you weren’t ready to do before now. This can be a hair color, clothing style, or other style preference change!

Save this list and add to it! There’s so many ways we can stop and enjoy life when we move with intention and mindfulness! It’s also possible to really focus on activities that speak to your personalized astrology so if you’re interested in having my help creating a list that’s especially for YOU, please book a reading! I’d love to connect.

Check out the companion episode to this post on the A Bit From Within podcast: Listen right now here below, or on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you love to listen) and feel free to share this with your friends who need this message too.



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