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About The Gratitude Exercise:

Use this gratitude exercise to help you naturally and easily shift into a more grateful place within! This downloadable 1 page will help bring gratitude into your every day by having you cross things you feel grateful for off like in bingo, crossing off the statements as you’ve feel them. My hope is that this gives you little quests to practice gratitude, opportunities to receive, and other tokes of awareness to shift from where you are now and into a place of deeper gratitude.

How To Use the gratitude exercise:

Print out the gratitude exercise pdf, and use it as a bingo grid to help you seek out experiences to be grateful or to bring appreciation to things already going on. I suggest doing this over the course of several days, even a week, but you can make this your own! At the bottom, you’ll see a suggestion for little rewards you can give yourself as you mark out your sheet- and you can have fun with this! There’s no right or wrong way to use this so please enjoy bringing more gratitude into your life.

Listen Now on Feeling Far From Thankful

If you are feeling far from thankful this time of year, please know that you are not alone. So many of us struggle silently this time of year while we feel the world expects us to be happy and grateful. Inside we are struggling with grief, anxiety, and stress, and then we feel guilty on top of it all for feeling that way at all.

Today on the A Bit From Within podcast we are addressing the many stressors including the grief that comes up for so many of us this time of year. We’re making space to acknowledge the sea of distress many of us are navigating, and figuring out ways to make it a bit easier on ourselves.

Listen here above, on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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I’m Felicia, a self care specialist and certified astrologer, obsessed with helping people like you find easy tools to love yourself more, take care of yourself more easily, and to find the ability to make little changes that lead to the big shifts you crave in your life!

I offer support in increasing your self love and self care practices through tools like astrology, yoga, and meditation, but the main way I help others is by sharing a bit from within my own process with the intention to inspire and encourage you!

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