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Are you looking for a new moon ritual? or a full moon ritual? Something that perfectly fits the timing and will help you access something more- a transformation, letting go, or just a shift in where you are right now? If so, I’ve got you covered!

For years I’ve been working with the lunar cycle to understand its ebbs and flows, and how the zodiac sign the moon is in can add so much dimension to our month’s intention setting. That’s why each month I create this unique 10 page lunar ritual guide that is perfect for beginners to get started using each lunar cycle for your highest good! Join our community mailing list to receive your copy for free today!

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Learning more about the impression the stars left on you when you were born can be an incredible way to deepen your self understanding- AND help you deepen love you can have for yourself! My clients have often expressed so much relief from the deep permission to be who they really are, and that being themselves could be such a wonderful, beautiful thing.

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Start using the lunar cycle for better self care and personal transformation with our complete lunar cycle kit! This bundle include guides for the understanding energy of each new and full moon, a wide variety of lunar rituals, and our annual moon tracker: a workbook that helps you track your thoughts/experiences while being inspired by the astrology of each month. Learn more.


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Look no further if you’re wanting something fun and new to support you where you are right now! Whether you’re looking for a meditations for more abundance into your life, a beautiful working journal to learn how to work with the moon, or a personalized reading of your astrological birth chart, we’ve got it all here for you to Buy Now.

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