How to find joy in everyday rituals- or as you might know it right now as, your routine. Most of us have a certain pockets of our life that we approach the same way every time- whether it’s blessing a meal before you eat, your Saturday coffee run, skincare before bed, or even the way you grocery shop: parking in the same area, taking the same path to gather your food, perhaps getting yourself the same treat to eat it in the car after it’s done.

These may not sound like any big thing, but the more intentional you make a routine, the more opportunity it has to become a sacred and life giving ritual in your everyday life. Rituals are something you do in a specific order for a specific purpose. They’re filled with intention, and hopefully most support your wellbeing or serve a higher purpose.

The rituals we embrace become part of the magic we cultivate in our life. They also support us with a trusted process in which we can become totally present, focusing on being in the moment.

Turning a routine into a ritual can be done with just a little intention setting and inspiration. Think about your life: the routines you have in place, or the areas you could use a support or magic to create a new ritual in.

When Building a Ritual Remember:

  • While engaging in your ritual, don’t have your phone or other electronic distractions (though music is great) that could pull your focus away from what you’re doing.
  • When getting started with a new ritual, give yourself space to make it yours. Start with one thing, then add another, and layer it as you feel inspired and capable.
  • Rituals can be big or small, simple or intricate. What’s important is not the length or complexity, but rather the way you’re able to drop into the moment, be present, and connect to your most divine self in the process.

Here are two common ritual ideas you could adopt: an everyday “Tea Time” Ritual or a once a week/month Self Cleansing Ritual. Rituals can also be performed with the moon’s cycle like at a new moon or full moon. I’ve got a free lunar ritual guide available to download if you’re just getting started, or you can join our Patreon for a unique ritual guide each month that corresponds with the current astrology. I also recommend a ritual for every birthday you celebrate too!

Tea Time Ritual

Include in your day 15-30 minutes for tea time. The action of the ritual surrounds preparing and enjoying your favorite drink, and the meaning of doing so can have many reasons. It could be the only time of day you get alone, or the only time of day that you don’t spend worrying about other things.

Variations include only brewing this special kind of tea/coffee during this moment, or picking a day or two where you indulge in something more expensive or time intensive. Prefer water? Try adding a lemon or other fruit for an infusion and use your choice symbolically. Once a week you could prepare a treat to go along with your daily ritual, or simply have a bar of chocolate you get a piece of each ritual.

If you’d like you can also vary what you do during tea time. If you’re needing more stillness try just sitting still or meditation, if you need to process what you’re going through try journalling. Whatever you want to do- let it be something you enjoy!

And of course, this does not have to be an afternoon tea- you can find this ritual whenever it would work best for you: first thing after waking up, during a morning lull, a lunch break, before bed, etc.!

Self Cleansing Ritual

Carve out some time to really enjoy taking care of your body through a special bathing or shower moment. Try adding to the ambiance with essential oils, bath salts, incense, or candles, although with some favorite soothing music.

You’ll get to decide what kind of routine you’d like to do here’s a few extra ideas you can incorporate as you’d like in to your usual bathing routine to make it more of a ritual:

  • dry brushing skin
  • Abhyanga (the ayurvedic practice of oiling your body while doing self massage)
  • trimming facial hair
  • face or hair mask
  • trimming and cleaning nails
  • soaking in the water
  • adding essential oils or a bathbomb to your water
  • listening to relaxing music
  • lotioning your body after your bath or shower
  • taking time to stretch or relax afterward

We hope you love these simple ideas for everyday rituals, but if you really want to hear more inspiration be sure to tune in to the companion episode from our podcast: Finding Joy in Everyday Rituals! Here not only will I expand on rituals a bit more, I’ll dive deeper into the context around the sacred nature and ways rituals will support you and bring more fulfillment into your life. You can listen here below, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!



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