Are you curious about the affirmations for your moon sign? Knowing where the moon is in the zodiac when you were born gives you a powerful clue to understanding your deepest needs and the way you handle your emotions.

Affirmations are an incredible tool to help you change the programmed thinking in your mind into one of a higher vibration. Saying affirmations can give you strength, improve resilience, comfort and empower you.

So having specific affirmations that can speak to the astrological energy of your moon sign will magnify the power of the affirmation for you. Your affirmations should feel personal, and connect with your heart space!

If you’re not sure how to find your moon sign, learn how here in this quick tutorial video! And if you’d like to discover more about your natal chart consider getting a professional astrology reading done by yours truly! A great first time session is our mini session: Intro Your Chart Elements.

Aries Moon:

I am deeply passionate, and my impulses are strong. I give myself permission to find safe and healthy ways to release or express my big emotions. My sense of independence is my innate gift.

I work on seeing others and creating win win situations.

Taurus Moon:

I am safe and secure. I find stability and consistency inside myself. When I create a safe place inside, I can focus on enjoying all of life’s beauty, comfort, and luxuries.

I work on letting go of the things I hold on to so tightly, especially what I feel is “mine”.

Gemini Moon:

I am a powerful communicator. I allow myself to show up to share, and to deeply listen. It is okay for me to change my mind. I allow myself moments to honor my feelings instead of trying to override them with logic and rationality.

I find ways to slow down, ground my body, and my mind.

Cancer Moon:

I honor my deepest instincts. I allow myself to gentle go with the flow, letting my feelings guide the way. I allow myself to slow down and tune into my body each and every day, whenever I need.

I let go of worry, and replace worry with trust. I trust in the Universe to support me and my loved ones.

Leo Moon:

I have so much to share with others, and I honor my enthusiasm. I honor my imagination, and my need to express my thoughts and emotions creatively. It is okay for me to be seen by others.

I work to inspire others, and stay focused on my own output rather than the reactions of others.

Virgo Moon:

I honor my practicality. I give myself permission to focus on my self, taking care of my mind, thoughts, and feelings. I honor desire to help others. It is okay for things to be less than perfect.

I work to release criticism and control, and embrace my ability to show up for others.

Libra Moon:

I search for balance within myself. My inner harmony matters, and I give myself permission to prioritize my own peace. I let go of the reactions others may have, allowing that to be their own.

I work to embrace my strong ability to connect with others in the best ways.

Scorpio Moon:

My sensitivity is a powerful tool. I have the ability to go deep with my feelings and thoughts, and I honor that part of myself. It is okay for me to not be okay all the time.

I work to take time to process and transform my emotions.

Sagittarius Moon:

I honor my need for freedom, both in my physical spaces and within my mind. I embrace my optimism and inspire others through my ability to see the world through rose colored glasses.

I work to balance my optimism with common sense, remembering to check in with details.

Capricorn Moon:

I allow myself to check in and sometimes release the amount of pressure I put upon myself. I honor my desire for self-preservation. It is okay to ask for help.

I work to share my feelings with others, even when I’d rather keep it all inside.

Aquarius Moon:

I honor my innovation, and ability to see the world in a unique way. I am not meant to feel things the way that other people do, so I let go of comparing myself to others.

I work to share the unique ways I see and feel about the world with those around me.

Pisces Moon:

I embrace my sentimental nature, and honor my great capacity to feel. I am deeply caring, and remember to prioritize myself so I don’t get lost in my ability to sacrifice for others.

I work to balance my desire to escape by finding healthy ways to do so.

For more inspiration be sure to check out The A Bit From Within Podcast with Felicia. Every week she shares a bit from within: personal lessons of navigating the world as someone with a big heart. Every episode includes an astro check in where she shares ways to be inspired by what’s happening astrologically, and a card drawing to see what the Universe wants to contribute to it all! Check out the latest episode here or wherever you listen to podcasts!



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