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Learning to love myself is an ongoing practice. Yoga, meditation, and other tools for self care have really helped me, which is why I share them with you!

Felicia Marti A Bit From Within

I was a teenager when I found myself in my first yoga class. I found it absolutely transformative, and a space where my mind would finally quiet down; where I could hear that small but strong voice inside of myself. As I evolved I grew from a teenager who went to her parent’s Orthodox Christian church, to a woman who found her own own spiritual practice. One that includes prayer, gratitude, intention setting, spending time in nature, a strong connection to the Divine, and consistently reconnecting to that voice once discovered on a yoga mat.

Over the years I’ve battled with anxiety and depression, and with not knowing my own worth- which led to hours in therapy and in and out of unavailable relationships. I found myself desiring love, but feeling it was out of reach. I wanted to feel my own enough-ness, but it was such a journey to even begin to understand what that was. As I neared my thirties, I found myself far from who I thought I was going to be and where I thought I would be at that point in my life. I always thought I would be married with children, and instead I found myself an entrepreneur, running her own photography business, and bravely trying again in a new relationship- taking things slowly, planting roots, building relationships with other like-minded humans, and investing in myself.

As a yoga teacher, and grew to develop a specialty of teaching Gentle Yoga, where I encourage both new and experienced students to honor their bodies, meet themselves where they are that day, and allow their bodies and minds to stretch, strengthen, and transform through a wide variety of hatha yoga poses. In Gentle Yoga, the practice isn’t always “easy” or “slow”, sometimes it’s challenging or even fiery- but the way in which we approach ourselves throughout is what is gentle.

From many years of working to find self care, I’ve learned that not just any one thing can work forever. Some times in my life I’ve needed more yoga, other times I’ve needed more reading, or a good friend. Sometimes I’ve needed to journal more, or set more clear intentions, while other times I’ve needed to find rest. That’s why with A Bit From Within, we share many kinds of tools for the goodness of your well being, so it can meet you where you are in any given moment of your life.

A Bit From Within

That place inside of you where you find a truth, because you’ve felt it within your own experience.



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