Whenever one eclipse happens there’s another one sure to follow! Solar and Lunar eclipses always follow one another, and on a rare occasion a third one will happen too. Astrologically, eclipses are like doors opening or closing in our lives; doors that wouldn’t open otherwise like cards of chance in monopoly. Some eclipses bring great new successes, accomplishments, fruits to our labor, breakthroughs in areas we desperately have been looking for something to give in, healing, etc. while other eclipses bring loss, endings, and breakdowns.

Eclipses are a time where we’re not in full control of what’s coming in or moving out of our lives. This is why it’s not recommend to set intentions, work on manifesting specific things, or trying to control outcomes. Instead we must remain open and look to our life for the evidence of the themes that are present.

Solar Eclipses are Powerful New Moons! They bring an outer focus, new beginnings, big change, great opportunity, and personal transformation.

Lunar Eclipses are Powerful Full Moons! They bring an inner focus, doors closing, chapters ending, letting go, emotions unravelling, and conclusions.

Now this is important to remember: the big lightbulb moment that eclipses often bring will rarely come on the exact day of an eclipse. The 5 days before or after the eclipse may be most significant, but some of these changes can happen up to 4-6 weeks prior to the eclipse! So it’s important to keep track of what’s happening in your life and what’s going on.

Then as an added layer of complication, astrologically most eclipses are strung together in a series spread over 18-24 months where every 6 months the eclipse happens in the same astrological signs. In 2022 we’ve closed the chapter on a series of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses and a new set of eclipses happening in Taurus/Scorpio are happening.

The signs of Taurus and Scorpio highlight areas of resources and security in our lives. If you have Taurus or Scorpio placements you might notice extra big changes happening, and at the very least a lot of emotions that come up around the eclipses! The Fall 2022 Eclipses will arrive on October 25th with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, followed by the Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Taurus on November 8, 2022.

This is important to note because the same themes keep coming up, the story continues. What may have began in Nov. 2021 may come to an end in October 2023 all connected to the same series of eclipses. Being aware of the themes the zodiac sign brings for the current eclipses is very helpful, but also understanding which house in your own astrological chart is also very useful! And of course, if that all sounds a bit over your head, remember that’s why it can be so helpful to partner with an astrologer (like myself) who can help reveal this to you and assist with connecting the dots.

If you are curious about the eclipses and their effect in your life, and you’re not sure where to begin with understanding it for yourself, the single best recommendation I can give you is to start tracking your experiences with each of the lunar cycles! This doesn’t have to be intense, time consuming, or pretty even! It can be quick notes in the same spot whenever you think to jot down what’s been going on in your life! I promise you that this will be the fastest way to start to see patterns happening in your life and it will surprise and comfort you!

I am a huge advocate of powerful & simple tools to do this work, so I designed a moon journal myself that you can get right now to help you with your journey! This will cover you from now (2022) through all of 2023!

Start tracking your experience each month with our Moon Journal!

This digital workbook gives you everything you need to know to start tracking the lunar cycles, setting intentions at the new moon, finding release at the full moon, and so much more! It’s also has monthly self care inspiration that’s inspired by the current astrology happening in the sky, and places for you to make your own self care goals! It includes everything you need to prepare for the seasons ahead, and to be able to look back and find patterns you may have otherwise missed. Get it now!

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