A Bit From Within is a place to find the practice of self love by meeting yourself exactly where you are today, and choosing to prioritize self care.

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Hi there, I’m Felicia Marti, the creator of A Bit From Within. The idea for all of this came to me at a time I was going through a difficult time with my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I was suffering from a ton of anxiety, and was completely debilitated- but slowly and surely I was finding my way back to myself. I realized that what I was going through might be something others could relate to. I realized that by sharing just a bit of what was going on within me, honestly and authentically, then it may help others.

As a business owner and a yoga teacher, I love connecting with others. I have come to realize that most of us want to live our best life possible. We want to rise to the level where we’re thriving more often than surviving. I feel it’s my mission in life to teach and encourage these three things:

  • You have permission to be who you truly are and where you are in life without judgement.
  • It’s okay to make you and your self care a priority!
  • Be gentle with yourself along the way- you deserve this gentleness.

I do this through a wide variety of content including guided meditations, yoga practices, self care guides, intention setting rituals, special series, and by sharing ‘a bit from within’ each week on our podcast. I also use my growing knowledge of astrology as a tool for self exploration each and every week! You can explore all of this individually here on our site, or you can become a monthly supporter of my work by joining our patreon page and receive an all access pass to it all!


We have a wide array of tools and practices to inspire your self care routine right at home!


Felicia is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) who specializes in teaching Gentle Yoga. This kind of yoga is wonderful for beginners and experienced yogis alike and there are many different themes available to meet you where you are uniquely in this moment of your life. Try a Gentle class today!


Mindfulness is a transformative tool for your wellbeing. Each guided meditation is an audio experience where you can come back home to yourself. Many practices include visualization exercises, while some offer breathing techniques, or other moments to practice meditation. Relax and enjoy!


The lunar cycle, working with elements, and using astrology are awesome tools for insight and self care! Each guide is a beautiful digital book filled with insight, education, and new ideas to support and inspire your self care journey. They’re all fabulous tools for self transformation.


There are special topics that I find myself a specialist in including gentle yoga, and the personalized self care ideas that are geared towards actually helping you find better balance in your life. Check out unique series, or consider doing special consultations with me so I can create and offer insight that’s tailored just for you.


Every week Felicia shares ‘a bit from within’, by discussing what’s been going on in the ebbs and flows of her life. Her listeners often say this podcast gives them deep comfort in the ways they can relate to the struggles, and also an appreciation for the ideas, suggestions, and encouragement given.

Other Self Care Tools

Explore some of our most asked for content! All of which you can enjoy over and over again, which is the best part of purchasing any of our A Bit From Within content. And of course if you want regular new content, we would be thrilled for you to join our Patreon where new meditations and yoga classes are released monthly!

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“Being guided into yoga by Felicia is so much more meaningful than me alone on my mat. Always showing up with thoughtful intentions that I resonate with. Her meditations, like in yoga, flow from a soothing voice, coming from a genuine place.”

“Refreshing! Great content! I love each episode of Felicia’s podcast and have learned so much! I highly recommend her to everyone.”

“The podcasts are real-life topics to contemplate, and during a time when I can’t go out and talk for hours with friends, a podcast to hear is like having a friend over, safely. Felicia has such amazing energy to share, and connecting in this way is a wonderful experience.”


“Felicia somehow always connects to all the feels. Her content is so accessible, and a breath of fresh air whenever you need to hear it – or even when you don’t think you do!”




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